Show Her You're Desirable and Available: Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

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Published: 12th January 2011
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Have you recently become a single man because your girlfriend broke up with you? Are you dying to get her back? Three times out of four, the woman is the one to break up with her man. Most certainly you have already come to notice that women are irrational creatures and tend to act now and think later. They also don't think about what's best for them. This can result in a woman having remorse about her decision to break up. But, don't expect her to come begging to get back with you. Things are likely to stay in an impasse with you staying broken up unless you make the first move in getting her back.

There are two main things you need to prove to your ex girlfriend if you really want her back. First of all, you must show her that you are a desirable guy to be with. Second of all, you need to show your ex girlfriend that you are available, and that you want to get back together with her.

An important thing to do when trying to get back with your ex girlfriend is to tackle the main problem that led to your relationship's demise. Take this example; when Scott and Rachel first started going out, he would make an effort to take her to plays and concerts, because she adored anything arty. As they both got more comfortable in the relationship, their dates began shifting increasingly towards sports, Scott's passion. In fact, after their breakup, he became acutely aware that he hadn't taken Rachel on an arts date for about four months.

Scott thought about how he'd like to get her back and realized that one good way to do it was to show her all the enjoyable things she had been missing out on when they were together.

Scott also didn't come on too strong immediately after the breakup by calling and texting her constantly. He gave her much needed room to think. A few weeks later, he mentioned offhandedly that he happened to have two tickets to the symphony and wanted to know if she'd accompany him, "just as friends" of course.

Since Rachel was still had feelings for Scott, and since he proposed something she actually liked doing, she immediately accepted. They ended up going to the concert, and then he dazzled her by taking her to a nice restaurant where he bought the most expensive wine on the menu. Rachel, being thoroughly impressed by this "new and improved" Scott, hinted that she wanted to get back together.

Once she dropped the first suggestion that she wanted to get back together, Scott now realized he had the upper hand. He could use this opportunity to define how he got Rachel back.

He told Rachel that he really enjoyed the evening that they spent together and he really wanted to experience more like it. However, he also loves sports and wished she would make more of an effort to understand his passion if they were to get back together.

Since she was so relaxed and content, Rachel agreed. The relationship could now restart with everyone's needs being addressed.

The most important thing to grasp here is that while Rachel initiated the beak up, she did so because she had lost her temper. In reality, she didn't really want to break it off. Scott was able to get back on her good side, by picking out what was wrong, addressing it and then advancing under new and improved terms.

And, this is how Scott was able to get his ex girlfriend back.

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